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Egyptian Things


the Goddess Bast


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                                Welcome. Step back into a time, where the Egyptian Gods and Goddesses ruled the                                  immortal land, and a pharoah who ruled all of a country so powerful of it's time. Egypt                                  advanced in so many ways, and destroyed in so many ways. Remember by the ways of the                                  pharoah who ruled by candle light and by sun light - if you cheat the gods, they will come                                  full force.

                            Here I also speak of the Goddess Bast, whom I have chosen to honour alone. But, I always                               give respect to the other Gods and Goddesses. Bast is not only a Cat Goddess, She like many other Gods and Goddesses, represents more.

                            She is also the protector of the home, and to those She cares for. She is a Delta Goddess,                                  and the daughter of Ra. Her sister is Sekhmet. She is the Goddess of love, joy, spring, and                             dance. She is also, a goddess of passionate love,  marriage, the Moon, lesbians, Women                               and festivity. She is a great protectress and can be a friend. Festive holidays are Her favorite, when laughter and dance can be shared.

                        Some people, always had a connection to Her. Like myself were fond of Her, but never                                  honoured until later in the path. Some know right away. Shows how different we can all be... I found Bast a little later on my Pagan path.

                            Cat nip is her favorite herb, and if available place it on the altar. (I hope to do that soon), a                              statue can be placed also. (I just need money to do that one!). Okay. So what if you're like                               me? Explain to Bast, that you are a little short of money to buy these things to represent                              Her. However, do not ask for Her to give you money. You should do that on your own. If                      money just comes your way, Bast has given it to you... Just because she felt like it. =)

                                Bast, when in full Cat form, is known as Bastet. When in Her usual form she is a beautiful                                  woman, either dark, yellow, or tanned skin with a Cat's head. She has kittens by Her feet                as she walks and she holds an Egyptian musical instrument (sistrum) at her side.

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Egyptian History

  Egyptian history: The Egyptian civilization was one of the greatest civilazations of its time. The religion, the royal family, the craftmanship, and more... One of the most known things about the Egyptians that comes to everyone's mind is the pharoah, Tutankhamun. Not many know that his real name is Tutankhaton after his father, Akhenaton. Even Akhenaton's real name was Amenhotep IV. He changed his name when he became pharoah when he declared all worship of the gods to cease and be only the worship of the Sun god, Aton - a lesser-known god worshipped in Thebes. When Tutankhaton became pharoah he stopped the cult of Aton and allowed the people to worship freely. And he changed his name to Tutankhamun - back to AMUN, the god who was associated with the pharoah (aswell as Horus).

                                             Many people also know about Cleopatra. Many think she is the greatest Egyptian                                  pharoah of all time. Perhaps, but she wasn't Egyptian at all - with no Egyptian blood in her.                                 Only Roman heritage and blood. The only Egyptian woman to take place of pharoah is                                 Hatshepsut. A woman who took throne when the pharoah, Thothmosis III, her half brother.                                  Hatshepsut was said to have a love affair with a god, and even attended sacred rituals                                  where only male priests and the male pharoah were to attend. Hatshepsut even wore the                                  ritual beard and dressed as a male pharoah. The only way one could tell it was Hatshepsut                                  in the drawings on the walls, was her name written beside it. Thothmosis III became bitter                                  against his mother when she did not want to give up the throne. When she died sometime                                  later - perhaps murdered, Thothmosis ordered all artifacts of her existance to be destroyed.                                  Statues of her were smashed, especially the head. Even drawings on the walls of her palace                                  were chipped away leaving blanks of where her pictured layed...

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                                Sorry for having this mainly about Bast, but I am a devoted Pagan to Her. But, just                                   because I honour Bast does not mean I do not respect all the other Gods and Goddesses of                                    Egypt. Here are graphics of other Gods and Goddess of Egypt. (The above graphic is from                                  the House of Cats Bast Info Page. Isn't it just so cute?) I'll try and get other GIFs of some Gods. I accidentally deleted them! Sorry! -_-


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sekhmet.gif (17233 bytes) Sekhmet; Bast's sister

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A Prayer To Bast At Night

By Stacey SilverCat

Goddess Bast, Thank you for today.

For the laughter I have shared and the moments of joy.

                         Thank you for everything that has happened today, all possible through you.

                                 Protect me (us) tonight, so that tomorrow may come and we may share the gifts from you.

                             Let me (us) sleep well in the warmth from the love you give and protect me (us) from harm that might come my (our) way.

Blessed Be, Goddess Bast.

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Egyptian Celebrations and the Pagan/Wiccan difference in Sabbats:

                           Honestly Candlemas and Ostara are "Wiccan" Sabbats, the others are Samhain, Beltane,                                  Yule, Summer/Autumnal Equinox and Lammas are the general Pagan. I read this out of a                                  book/calandar. However many Pagans (non-Wiccans, just Pagans) celebrate these and                                  that's okay. I did post up the Candlemas Ideas page for interest of others.

                                 There are Egyptian holidays to and for Egyptian Pagans like me time to C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-E! There are ones I have uncovered called:

Smell the Breeze Day

Night of the Drop

Procession of Bast  (for those who honour Bast)

                                Smell the Breeze Day is traditional like this: The people would wake up in the morning and                                  break an onion and smell it for good fortune then would dress in bright colours, pink being a                                  favourite, and go on a picnic believing that the winds would bring good health this day. In                                  other "pagan" like ways, magick for good fortune and good health can be done this day and                                  it wouldn't hurt to go for a peaceful walk. Magick with wind can also be done.


                                Night of the Drop is traditional like this: (a fav. family tradition) Is to take a lump of                                  dough, one for each member of the family and place it outside for the night. The next                                  morning if one of the dough has cracked it fortells long life. Since around this time, the Nile                                  overflows its banks and nurishes the land again. In other "pagan" like ways, magick of                                  divination, water spells, rituals/spells for sustenance and prosperity can also be done on                                  this day. Dedicating and blessing any soil used for planting is a good idea.


                               Procession of Bast is the celebration in honour of Bast the Egyptian Goddess of Cats, the                                  Moon, Women, Lesbians, Love, Dance, Music, Festivity, Marijuana, Sex, and Marriage.                                  Dedication rituals, Honouring, Worshipping rituals can also be done. It is best to leave                                  some Catnip out for the Goddess in your home or on your altar.


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